Top 50 Planning Dissertation Topics in UK 2022

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As soon as you start your last year of urban design postgraduate education. The postgraduate architecture thesis project is an opportunity for each student to showcase their talent and ingenuity. To help you select a topic for your research project, we’ve compiled a list of the best thesis ideas for planning and design. For your knowledge and awareness of current trends in urban design, this part offers the greatest and most pertinent issues about urban design projects.

List of planning thesis topics

  1. New developments in urban design and urban aesthetics
  2. Sustainable development
  3. Modeling of 3D pedestrian flow
  4. Monitoring, sensing, modeling, and adaptation of the urban microclimate
  5. Dismantling Eisenman: Social Realism and Cultural Presemantic Theory
  6. Historical and contemporary landscapes
  7. Expressionist works by Archigram: Discourses of Futility
  8. Desemanticism and constructivism in sub-dialects development
  9. Crucifying the cross: Sub constructivism and De-Objectivism
  10. Urban Metabolism Using Waste as a Resource
  11. Wayfinding using 3D indoor space analysis
  12. Urban Heat Island (UHI)
  13. Campus Project
  14. People’s mobility
  15. The excellent infrastructure for cycling
  16. Calculating the solar energy potential
  17. Innovative design techniques
  18. Preservation techniques for historic buildings
  19. Urban redevelopment and property
  20. Creating multi-ethnic cities
  21. Urban planning and health
  22. Modifications to urban space
  23. Infrastructure design is a reflection of societal objectives.
  24. Coding the urban form
  25. Increasing functioning in family neighborhoods via flexibility in design
  26. Resurgent City Networks
  27. Suburban Revisions
  28. Urban planning in the post-industrial era
  29. Urban Mobility: Transfers and Public Transportation
  30. How technology is transforming urban life.
  31. Public displays
  32. The current market
  33. What constitutes an invasive design?
  34. Is architecture more about innovation or efficiency?
  35. Should building heights match those of their surroundings?
  36. Are there any organic substitutes for lighting signs?
  37. An environmentally friendly method for locating utility infrastructure
  38. Urban Street Design
  39. Traces of Isfahan’s urban mentality urban fabric through socio-spatial changes
  40. Senezh Studio and the utopian vision under late socialism: Critical Soviet Design.
  41. A marketing-design strategy for destination growth
  42. Separations in Multi-Voicedness: Reconfiguring Dialogue via Design
  43. The structural coherence and aesthetic appeal of urban design for suburban navigation
  44. Urban redevelopment and urban form from segregation in homes to segregation in public areas
  45. Evolving Urban Culture in Transforming Cities: Urban Design and Architecture in a Fluid Context
  46. Urban Lighting: Design and Technologies – Light Design: Outdoor Urban Public Places.
  47. Sustainable Economic Urban Fringe Plan for an Important Trade Centre Internationally
  48. Organizing interventions to combat industrial disparity,
  49. Alterations in Agricultural Practices and Their Effects on Cities
  50. The potential for the growth of ecotourism

Therefore, we have created a list of urban design thesis themes for you, dear readers. We also hope it will help you with suggestions for thesis or dissertation topics or current trends in urban design. Please let us know in the comments section if there are any crucial urban studies study areas that we should have included.

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